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Conditions and requirements to legalize a document :
All documents must be legalized by the State Chancellery and the Federal Chancellery in Bern. Please provide a copy of each original document and a
prepaid self-addressed envelope.

The amount of the consular fee, prepaid in cash and in local currency (checks are not accepted), is as follows :

*         Legalization of school and university certificates : CHF 60.00 per certificate.

*         Legalization or registration of a company / a patent of invention in Lebanon : CHF 225.00 per document + 4/1000 of any amount of money mentioned in the document.  Maximum fees : CHF 3125.00.

*         Legalization of a civil status document not intended for registration in the lebanese civil status registers : CHF 38.00 per legalization.

*         Legalization of a Divorce Judgment : CHF 63.00 + 2/1000 of any amount of money mentioned in the Divorce Judgment.  Maximum fees : CHF 2500.00.

*         Legalization of the translation of the divorce judgment in Arabic : CHF 40.00 per page.

*         Legalization of medical certificates, records or reports, etc. CHF 60.00 per legalization. (CHF 20.00 for Lebanese public officials and their families during their stay in Switzerland. however, it is necessary to provide : A copy of the work permit and a copy of a lebanese identification document).

*         Legalization of a Certificate of Origin attached to a bill : CHF 25.00 per certificate.

*         Legalization of a Certificate of Origin attached to two or multiple bills : CHF 50.00 per certificate.

*         Legalization of a Commercial invoice : four per thousand rounded to the up value :

-        Minimum fees : CHF 45.00

-        Maximum fees : CHF 3125.00

For more information, please call the Embassy at +41 (0) 31 950 65 65 extension 2

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